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Prime Cargo was founded on April 1, 1998, in Kolding, Denmark, with the opening of the head office. At the same time our first three offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai were opened.


Branch office in Copenhagen opens


Prime Cargo moves to Profilvej 4 in Kolding, Denmark and aquires a warehouse of 12,000 m2. 


Offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and Qingdao, China opens.


The warehouse in Kolding expands by 4,000 m2. 


A new office in Xiamen is opened. 

Steamline A/S is founded (garment handling) in Kolding


Our Shenzhen, China office opens.


The warehouse in Kolding is expanded to 25,000 m2.


Our office in Oslo, Norway opens. 


Branch offices in Ningbo, China and Rotterdam, the Netherlands are established.


The warehouse in Kolding expands with another 4,000 m2.


Our Dalian office in China opens.


The warehouse in Kolding extends to comprise a total of 40,000 m2. 


The office building in Kolding expands with 400 m2.


The warehouse in Copenhagen extends with 2,000 m2.


An additional branch office in the Netherlands opens in Amsterdam. 


Belgium also becomes a new Prime Cargo family member with a branch office in Antwerp.


Once again we have expanded our warehouse facility in Kolding with two high-rise warehouses (5.000 m2)and a semi-automatic pick pack facility.

Our warehouse facility is extended with another terminal on 12.000 m2 - Terminal 3.
Steamline opens a department in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Terminal 3 in Kolding extends with an additional 12.000 m2.
2008: In January Prime Cargo opened offices in Gardermoen (Oslo Airport) and Cairo.
Prime Cargo establishes OCL (One Chain Logistics) - a joint venture between Prime Cargo, Fouad Shelbaya and Namaa. OCL has a 35,000 m2 warehouse in Cairo, Egypt.
In September Prime Cargo start to make dedicated focus on eCommerce and B2C shipments, creating our Online Stores concept.
2009: May 1st, Prime Cargo opened an office in Düsseldorf, Germany. The office is a branch office under the Rotterdam office.
2010: The Prime Cargo office in Dalian, China is closed and businesses are transfered to the Beijing office.
The Prime Cargo office in Antwerp, Belgium is closed and business are transfered to the Rotterdam office.
2012: The Prime Cargo offices in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Netherland and Dusseldorf, Germany are closed and businesses are transfered to our new Dutch agent European Distribution Centre.
Prime Cargo in Norway and Vietnam are sold but they are still an active part of the Prime Cargo Group.
2013: Online Stores changes name to eCommerce Logistics.

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